Exhaust Competition Registration 2024


This is the Exhaust Competition registration link and details.

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Please come see an event coordinator at the main tent 30 minutes before the competition is scheduled to start.  Exhaust Competition Contestants will be asked to line up in the main competition area.  Each contestant will be asked to rev their engines for a set duration of time, usually 15-25 seconds.  Please look for a judge to tell you when to stop.

Crowd will be asked to help judge who makes the final cut, and who is eliminated.  Each participation may be asked to rev their engines multiple times, or at the same time as another Slingshot.  Via process of elimination, two or three final contestants will give it one last shot, and the judges / crowd will pick ONE winner as the Exhaust Champion.  Only Slingshots with a Slingshot engine will be allowed to participate / win the final award.

What are we listening / looking for in an Exhaust Champion?

  1. Overall volume – Loud and Proud!
  2. Tone – The deeper the better
  3. Consistency – No rattle, or drastic changes in tone throughout the RPM range
  4. Fire – You may get bonus points if your exhaust can spit fire

    Please Note that each competition registration cost may increase the day of event.  Pre Registering for one or all the completions you plan to participate in does give the planning committee an understanding on how many contestants to plan on for.

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