Push Drag Race Registration 2024


Competition Registration for your Push Drag Race team of three.

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The Slingshot Push Drag races are a fun three-person team based competition event, where two people push a Slingshot with one person steering in the drivers seat.

Push Drag Race is a Bracket Style competition. We will pair up teams and winner of each race advances to the next round.

Teams can be comprised of just a few friends, a Slingshot group or a brand participating in this years Sling Experience!

Teams will line up at the start line where a flagger will start the race with a flashlight go! We have a line judge keeping an eye at the finish line in the case of close finish. We may even have to go to photo finish decision. Sometimes these are that close!

The distance pushing is approximately 70 feet. With the final race to be extended to 100 feet.

Registration cost for this is for the Slingshot and the team of three, the one in driver seat and two pushing.

Please Note that each competition registration cost may increase the day of event.  Pre Registering for one or all the completions you plan to participate in does give the planning committee an understanding on how many contestants to plan on for.

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