Show & Shine Registration 2024


Enter your Slingshot to be in the Show & Shine Competition at Sling Experience 2024. (This Ticket includes Premium Parking)

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All participants must be in our main event space.  Only registered / paid competitors will be eligible for our larger awards, and the main “Best in Show” award.  Please try to be in place 30 minutes before the competition starts.  Judges will go around and look for individual category winners, such as Best Paint or Wrap, Sling Experience Choice, Best Wheels, Best DIY/Customization Mod, Most Patriotic, Best Conversion, Best Engine Bay, Over the Top, etc.  Please pop your hood if you want your engine bay to be considered.  Anyone can win a potential “Sling Experience Standout” award, so please stick around for the winner announcements!

What makes a “Best in Show” Slingshot?

First and foremost, your Slingshot has to grab the attention of large groups of people.  We are looking for the Slingshots that draw a crowd, and stand out from the crowd.   This award is about the Slingshot itself, and not the owner, not attendance time, or any other personal accolades.  Judges will select 3 Best in Show finalists to be brought up to the main stage area, for final judging.  Judges will rate each Slingshot based on several different categories.  The winner of each category gets a 5, with other contestants getting a 4 or lower.

  1. Cleanliness / Shine – Clean them up and wipe them down! Makes sure your Slingshot is as clean as possible.  Judges may wipe their finger across an obscure spot to be sure.
  2. Paint / Wrap / Theme – Is the entire Slingshot painted? Texture delete?  Unique and challenging paint job or wrap?
  1. Coordination of Accessories, Interior – Do the seats match the color theme of the Slingshot closely? Interior upholstery / floormats matching?  Steering wheel, pedal covers, shift knob, dash, console, brake cover… everything should coordinate closely.  Any other external accessories or props?
  1. Wheels – Do the wheels grab attention? Are they unique and match the design of the Slingshot?
  1. Engine bay – Turbo, supercharger, or engine swap? Engine accessories color matched to the rest of the Slingshot?
  1. Major Customizations or Custom Fabrication – Did you do anything massively unique to the Slingshot? Front-end conversions?  4 wheel modifications, stretched 4 or 6 seater?
  1. Crowd Reaction – Judges may ask for the crowd to help judge which Slingshot they think is best.

    Please Note that each competition registration cost may increase the day of event. Pre Registering for one or all the completions you plan to participate in does give the planning committee an understanding on how many contestants to plan on for.

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